Mother Throws Herself In Front Of SUV Carrying Her Kids To Save Them


Maternal instinct is often talked about and described as the bond that forms between a mother and her child. However, it’s rare to see the full extent of a mother’s inherent desire to protect her young outside of the everyday tasks like feeding or bathing her child. Make no mistake though, almost every mother is guaranteed to fight tooth and nail to defend her offspring. In fact, it’s a trait that isn’t exclusive to human mothers. Look no further than the animal kingdom and you’ll find that mothers in the animal kingdom have the same maternal instincts as any other human mother.

That being said, while it may seem hard to believe, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Joy Veron wouldn’t blink at the opportunity to save her children, even if it cost her her life. And that’s exactly what Joy Veron did when her the SUV her children hopped into during a family outing began rolling down the pathway towards a steep canyon cliff. Fearing for her children’s safety, she threw herself in the path of the car, hoping to slow it down. As she was pulled underneath the car, she feared not for her own life, but for her children, thinking she was too late.
Luckily, Veron’s father managed to jump in the car and hit the emergency break just moments before the car would have certainly careened off of the cliff. But while her children were safe, Joy did not escape unharmed. Severely injured, doctors gave her little hope of ever walking again. Nonetheless, this brave mother did yet another courageous thing and kept on living, despite eventually becoming wheelchair bound. Her story didn’t stop there, though, as Joy’s tremendous inner strength would be tested again.
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