A Man Recreates A Van Gogh Painting With Plants In A 1.2-Acre Field


Every piece of art is rare. After all, all art is an expression of its creator, and no two people are completely alike.

Yet what makes some pieces truly unique art is when an artist uses a creative medium to make it.

For instance, some render masterpieces out of trash, like this imaginative artist who made a beautiful American flag out of bottle caps. Others create food art, performance art, and even plant art.

Artist Stan Herd, for instance, has been using grass, dirt, flowers, and other vegetation to create art on large fields for decades.

It all began in 1981 when he physically carved an amazing 160-acre portrait of the Kiowa Indian chief Satanta, into a Kansas prairie. He has crafted dozens of what he calls “earthworks” since, and his latest piece is the most impressive by far.

He was commissioned by the Minneapolis Institute of Art to create a replica of Van Gogh’s Olive Trees, which is something so spectacular you just have to see it to believe it…

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Before he could embark on this massive project, 64-year-old artist Stan Herd had to plan out how he was going to pull this off. First, he printed out a copy of Van Gogh’s piece, then drew a grid over it and made a plan.


Then he got to work on a field in the Eagan, Minnesota, near Thomson Reuters campus.


The field, or his “canvas,” measured 1.2 acres across.


The project took him six months of mowing, digging, and planting to complete.


Sponsored by the Minneapolis Institute of Art, his special project can be seen from the air near the Minneapolis airport.



“It never looks like I want it to,” Herd told Star Media.


“I bit off a lot here, to try to pull this off.”


“A few of the plants were eaten by deer, and a few were blown over. But that’s the dance of nature,” he told MPRNews.


Though it was difficult, he persevered — and good thing he did!


The end result is unbelievably stunning!


Here is what Van Gogh’s original 1889 painting looked like:


In the end, Herd admits he enjoyed the process. “The opportunity to engage with one of my favorite artists in the world was pretty unique for me”


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