How a mother of six children is preparing for -71 degrees Celsius in Yakutia


A few days ago, a video appeared on YouTube telling the story of a family from a small Yakut village.

It is an autonomous republic of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, which is considered one of the coldest regions in the world.

The video, posted on YouTube by user Kiun B, has already become a hit – at the moment, the story of the mother of six children has been watched by more than 1milion netizens.

We can observe what is happening in a small Yakut village, where winter temperatures can drop to -71 degrees Celsius. To survive the harsh winters, residents prepare well every year to deal with the extreme weather conditions that occur during the winter season. Among them is a mother of six who describes her struggle to survive in the video we present to you.

“This is how we prepare for the most extreme winter, -71 degrees. From collecting moss to insulating windows, discover the amazing traditions and survival techniques that help us thrive in this cold country,” the author wrote in the video. See how the inhabitants of the coldest village in the world survive the harsh winter.



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