Young Coyote And Bobcat Kitten Are So Close, They’re Practically Sisters!


Macey the Coyote and Prescilla the Bobcat are here to teach us one thing. No matter who you are, or what your species is, everyone can use a friend.

And these two practically wrote the book on the topic! While both are still young ladies, they’ve been friends practically since birth.

Both animals live at Dade City’s Wild Things, a zoo and wildlife refuge in Tampa, Florida that has a lot in common with the T.I.G.E.R.S facility just a few hours north! For example, one of their favorite ways to help socialize animals is by introducing them to critters of a different species.

And that’s exactly the tactic they decided to take when they noticed that Macey was having trouble getting along with her brothers and sisters. She was the runt of the litter, and they would often exclude her from important bonding activities.

Handlers at the sanctuary decided that Macey might be more confident if she could learn to play with someone her own size. With that in mind, they introduced her to a young bobcat kitten named Prescilla, who was also all alone in the world.

Like this sweet Labrador and her adopted opossum baby, the duo hit it off instantly; handlers say that they’re practically sisters. The play and go on walks every day, and thanks to her friendship with Prescilla, Macey is now brave enough to play with other pups.

Caretakers say they’ll keep an eye on things as both youngsters grow up, but for the moment, these two are the perfect team!

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