Woman With Down Syndrome Starts Successful Business Shredding Confidential Documents


While 21-year-old Emma Lynam cannot read or write, she’s managed to run her own business and is doing just fine on her own. Even though she may have a few hurdles to overcome, she still sees herself as a normal human being who loves to listen to music and watch movies.

Born with Down syndrome, Emma has taken what some would call a “weakness” and has turned it into her biggest strength. Being unable to read, she’s found a niche position in the business world that can guarantee banks and other companies that she will not go snooping through their confidential documents.

Her only job is to shred those papers — and she has no interest in doing anything but that! Emma’s love and enthusiasm has shown everyone that she really is the perfect candidate for such a position.

While some people would think they’re too good for that job, she’s really made it her own and has even come up with a name for her shredding business after watching a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film: Emma is the proud owner and operator of “Master Shredder!”

Emma’s amazing mother can only look on her daughter with pride as Emma manages to pay her way through the world, performing well at a job that fulfills her; all anyone else can do is hope they’re just as lucky!

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