Triple Threat Are The Unexpected Favorite On ‘America’s Got Talent’


As Triple Threat walked on stage for their performance on America’s Got Talent, the crowd quickly erupted into applause and shouts of approval. As the trio moves into view, they’re perhaps the three most unlikely recipients of this favoritism — but they prove themselves worthy. “Watch out, One Direction!” they kid, as one makes an incredulous grimace.

Triple Threat first wooed the AGT crowd a couple months back with their cover of MKTO’s “Classic,” with audience members on their feet and clapping along before they’d even gotten halfway through their song. The best part? One was even in crutches! So affable and sweet are these guys that even their plaid and khaki-clad ensembles, they’re a crowd favorite.

Taking the stage at Radio City Music Hall, the Arkansas natives joked about their Average Joe fame and their AGT fans before performing a rendition of “Problem” by Ariana Grande. Grooving in their adorable “boy next door” dance mode, the three young men have the whole audience cheering them on. Even judge Heidi Klum starts singing along to the pop ballad. “People are on their feet!” says Nick Cannon as they finished their performance. It’s probably fair to assume these guys are going to give the other contestants a run for their money.

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