Official Trailer For ‘The Ghost And Mrs. Muir’


Anyone born before 1970 will easily remember one of the most exciting love stories put on film since Romeo and Juliet!

The Ghost And Mrs. Muir is one of those films that just seems like it was ahead of its time. Featuring the noble seafaring Captain Daniel Gregg (played by Rex Harrison), this story of a ghostly haunting isn’t like your average horror movie!

Lucy Muir plays a headstrong widow whose financial situation has gotten so bad, that she’s been forced to move into a small cottage in England. Despite please to not move into the house, she decides to live there anyways only to discover that its haunted!

With a young Natalie Wood playing as the daughter, Mrs. Muir realizes her finances are quickly dwindling — but she’s given a new hope when the ghost comes up with a plan for her to write his memoirs!

The ghost eventually becomes overly jealous of Mrs. Muir and life seems like it will forever be miserable. But at the very end of the movie, a touching and beautiful moment occurs that we won’t spoil for you here!

Rex’s amazing deliveries really make him seem as if he’s an old and rough captain from day’s gone by. When Mrs. Muir talks about his bad language, he snaps at her, “Confound it, madam, my language is most controlled! And as for me morals, I lived a man’s life and I’m not ashamed of it. And I can assure you no woman’s been the worse for knowing me!”

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