Collapsing Iceberg Wreaks Havoc On Newfoundland Beach, Terrifies Onlookers


If there’s one thing you most certainly never want to see while you’re enjoying a leisurely boat outing with your husband, it’s probably a giant tidal wave ripping it’s way toward you. This particularly harrowing adventure gave a couple the scare of their lifetime recently as an iceberg collapsed off a coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

CBC News reports that a couple who lived in nearby Gander were vacationing on the Bay of Exploits when they began to watch the iceberg collapse, creating currents too treacherous for their boat to navigate.

“I think my heart came up, and I swallowed it. I was petrified,” local resident Wanda Stead told CBC News. She added, “All I could see was this tidal wave coming toward us.”

Wanda’s husband then reportedly hit the gas on their tidal-fearing vessel and motored them right out there, to a location where they later watched it continue to break apart from a safer distance — as can be seen in the video below.

What’s perhaps most terrifying about this natural terror is the sheer volume with which this thing breaks apart. Keep in mind that we’re just seeing the very top of this thing, and there’s no telling from the video how far it extended below water.

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