Brothers Are Swimming In Lake When Terrifying Screams Have Them Bolting For The Parking Lot


What was supposed to be a fun day at the lake for two families ended up becoming a terrifying event that none of them will ever forget. Brothers Dustin Allen and Casey Skinner were out enjoying Chippewa Park’s beautiful water, when out of nowhere they heard screams coming from the parking lot. Not even thinking, the men bolted towards the sounds – and it was a miracle they did.

The screaming had been coming from a family whose toddler had been run over by a mini-van in the parking lot. Little Kenzie Moran was still under the vehicle too with her head close to the tire. Dustin and Casey quickly rushed to help. At first the driver was unaware he had even hit Kenzie and was preparing to back up – which could have been fatal. But with the almost 2-year-old still stuck under the vehicle the brothers knew what needed to be done.

As it turns out, Kenzie’s angels were very strong men who lifted weights. Using all their strength they miraculously picked up the front of the van so that she could be rescued from underneath. The tiny girl was then airlifted to the hospital where she was treated for bruises, scrapes, and a severed toe – a blessing that she survived the whole ordeal. Her parents were beyond grateful to the brothers who are being called heroes for their quick-actions. Watch the KARE 11 news story below to see the emotional meeting between the brothers, and Kenzie and her mom!



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