She Asks Her Dog If He Wants To Go Outside. I Can’t Believe How He Responds!


How does your dog respond when you ask him a question? If he’s anything like mine, he just cocks his head and then starts running around if the words “walk” or “treats” are mentioned. CZR, however, takes a different approach. This clever dog’s owner taught him an awesome way to respond to yes-or-no questions. He’s so good at it that I could hardly believe what I was watching!

CZR’s human started teaching him to nod or shake his head to respond to questions when the big dog was just a little puppy. Six years later, this American Bully dog knows exactly what he wants, and he isn’t afraid to say it! For me, his way of responding is even cuter than these dogs who talk like people to get their message across. I just love how he answers his human’s questions with such conviction. When he says “no,” he means it! The last time I saw a pup with such strong opinions was when this one got into a verbal argument with his owner. Who says these guys don’t have their own personalities?

I have no idea how this woman taught CZR to do this, but I’d love to teach it to my own doggy. Although I can’t imagine he’d be very honest if I asked him a question like, “Are you the one who stole my sandwich off the table?”

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