3-Month-Old Baby Tells Dad “I Love You”


For new parents, it’s incredible to hear yourbaby’s cooing turn into his first words, but the parents in this next video didn’t think it’d happen so soon!

In the video, the doting dad tells his baby, “I love you!” His son mutters a little baby talk before, amazingly, repeating those three special words!

“I love you,” the baby seems to say to the delighted dad. The man’s surprised reaction to the youngster’s reply is priceless. At three months old, babies aren’t really expected to carry on a conversation with their parents. But we bet this mom and dad didn’t mind.

Not long after, the proud parents posted the video on YouTube, garnering a lot of attention from family and friends — and strangers! While the baby is likely only mimicking the sounds the father’s sounds, many seemed convinced of the infant’s verbal abilities and didn’t hesitate incalling this baby a little genius in the making.

It’s so amazing that they were able to record this moment on camera. This is one milestone they’ll be able to look back on for a long time.

What was your son or daughter’s first word? Tell us in the comments section.

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