Here Are 15 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Dreaming. Some Are Freaky.


Every night when you go to sleep, you dream. Your mind goes through the stages of sleep and reaches the REM cycle. During this process, you’ll dream, even if you don’t remember it. Dreaming is something we do every day, but most people know surprisingly little about it.

Isn’t it amazing that we have this fantastical world inside of our minds every night? We spend countless minutes visiting this dream-land while we’re asleep. It’s about time we learned a thing or two about it.

(H/T Bored Panda)

Now, when you close your eyes at night, think about all of the incredible things you’ll see in your dreams. If you’re interested in remembering what you dream and participating more in your unconscious adventures, you can practice lucid dreaming. People can teach themselves to become “awake” while they are dreaming.

Good night, sleep tight… share this with others so they know what they’re getting into each night as well.



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