His Wedding Proposal Took 365 Days To Create. Your Jaw Will Drop When You See It.


When Cupid’s arrow strikes, and a person realizes their significant other is truly “the one,” that lovestruck person will do just about anything to hold on forever.

Of course, every couple’s love story is different — and so is every person’s idea of the perfect proposal. While some people pay big money for a public display of affection, to me, there’s nothing more romantic than a spontaneous drop to one knee. But that was before I saw what Dean Smith did for his girlfriend, Jennifer.

Ladies around the world are going to be raising their standards after seeing Dean’s epic proposal, which took a shocking 365 days to create. I wasn’t even sure there were still guys out there like Dean, who’s proven that the most important thing about a marriage proposal is that it comes from the heart.

I’m sure Jennifer is a wonderful woman to have a man fall so hard for her, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying she is one very lucky lady! Check out some highlights and the precious video below.

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