Two 80-Year-Olds Go On Their First Blind Date. Now It’s Going VIRAL!


Dating sure has changed a lot in recent years with the surge of online dating and phone apps. So what’s an older man or woman to do in this day in age?

For two singles in London — Pearl, 77, and Charles, 80 — they decided to give online dating a try, even though neither of them had ever been on a blind date before. Simply titled “80 Years Old, First Blind Date,” their story unfolds as they discuss their vulnerability and nervousness about using

Finally, the pair take London for their first date. Charles is eager to hand over the roses and let the date to begin. The couple enjoy lunch and then spend the afternoon enjoying each other’s company while taking in the sites.

They’re both having a good time, but as the sun starts to set the couple is asked if there’ll be a second date. Just wait until you hear Charles’ answer! It’s sure to make you laugh and melt your heart! They just prove that you can find love at any age!

According to statistics, almost 30 percent of people over the age of 40 are single, making mature daters the fastest growing segment of online dating service users.

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