Toddler Loses His Mind After Seeing Garage Door Open For The First Time


Children’s minds are amazing things. So full of hope, joy, fascination, and complete and utter awe. So, while we, as adults, oftentimes find ourselves jaded by all that life has thrown our way, it is nice to sometimes take a step back and look at things through a child’s eye.

And this video is a great example of that.

While most of us treat our garage doors in the same way we treat every other ordinary object, a child sees it as something truly delightful. Though tonight when you come home from work and wait for your garage door to open, you might not have quite the same reaction as this adorable little guy, just remember that life really is full of so many amazing things.

If something as simple as a garage door can make a child squawk with delight, then maybe that’s as good a reminder as any to stop and smell the roses.

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