Senior Citizens Own The Dance Floor With Their Amazing Moves


We’ve seen senior citizens cut a rug before, but never quite like this! Michael Garland, 68, and Carol Constant, 69, were once the Texas State Dance Champions in their earlier years — but as you’re about to see, they both still know how to own the dance floor to this day.

In the awesome performance below, watch as Michael and Carol amaze the audience with their hip hop, jazz, swing, and ballroom stylings set to “Mambo Italiano” by Bette Midler. With the skill and energy of true professionals, they spin, they twirl, and wait until you see Michael throw Carol into the air as she slides across the floor. Seriously. Michael and Carol love to spend their evenings dancing at their local night clubs in Texas, and even the young dancers are amazed when they perform. I hope I can move like this when I’m in my 60s!

I’m so impressed by Carol in particular. It’s so inspiring to see that not only can she still dance better than most people, but that she still has an incredible spirit that draws everyone to her. Also? That gold sparkly dress is amazing.

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