Orphan Spider Monkey Showers Woman With Love


Afriendly spider monkey named Pimienta will certainly steal your heart with her unexpected affection.

The orphaned monkey was brought to La Senda Verde, a Bolivian animal sanctuary and ecotourism resort, in February 2011. The rescue aims to “provide the best care possible to animals rescued from illegal traffic in a natural environment,” as explained on the website.

In the video below, we see the adorable spider monkey interacting with a volunteer of the rescue. It’s a moment that’s just as incredible to watch as the rescued bull who snuggles with his woman friend in a German animal sanctuary and the cheetah who shares an unusual bond with another human.

This woman, who appears to be a huge animal lover judging by her videos, shared the unforgettable clip on her YouTube page.

“Cuddling with monkeys in my free time was one of the most amazing experiences during my volunteering at La Senda Verde,” she wrote in the caption.

In the beginning, Pimienta is simply just lounging on the woman. But, at the :20 mark, the spider monkey demonstrates behavior that’s similar to that of a human baby. It’s almost unbelievable!

Just watch the incredible moment for yourself below.

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