A Nurse Shows A New Technique For Washing Babies


Sonia Rochel is a nurse in Paris. She has developed her own unique way to give baths to very young babies, those no more than two months old. The technique is called Thalasso baby bath, and it is meant to simulate being in a womb.

In this video, she is using this technique on twins, a boy and a girl. What makes this experience even more special than others getting this bath is the way the babies interact with each other. They stay as close as they can and even cling to one another like they did in the womb.

Sonia has been working with children for over 30 years. While she doesn’t necessarily advise that you try to completely recreate this at home, she hopes parents can watch this being done and translate it into the baths they give their babies as it makes the experience even more wonderful for both parent and baby. You have to watch these twin babies while they have this amazing bath.



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