This New Zealand Waterfall Is A Favorite For Hundreds Of Seal Pups


While their mothers hunt for food, baby seals on the South Island of New Zealand find a way to entertain themselves: swimming in a waterfall.

As they wait for their mothers to come back to feed them, the hyper little seal pups jump around and also play with each other as seen at the :09 mark. Some evenappear to sunbathe on the surrounding rocks.

“Most of the seal pups found here were born during [November] and [December] and make their way up the Ohau stream to a waterfall pool in mid April,” New Zealand’s official website reads. “They use their time in the stream to mature, grow and learn how to become ‘Seals’. Once winter ends they make their way to the sea to learn to hunt and survive on their own.”

While the area is privately owned, the owners teamed with Department of Conservation to allow the Ohau Point Seal Colony to become a tourist attraction. It’s recommended that visitors go see the incredible phenomenon any time between May and October when hundreds of the seal pups are present.

“The most amazing part of this is how close and unobstructed you can interact with them,” the website adds. (If you’re lucky enough, you might get some quality time like this photographer!)

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