Mom gives birth to daughter after 40 hour struggle


After 3 year ago ,The nurse was about to sew when she saw the second head and realized she had twins.

Nicole, 31, and Matthew Seismer, 34, met with their newborn daughter Blakely and doctors discovered she was still in labor.

Medics looking after the patients During a post-birth clean-up, Nicole noticed “another head,” and Cade was delivered 59 minutes later.

Nicole was only tested once during her pregnancy or on her birthday.

Cabe is believed to have gone unnoticed because he was “hiding” behind his sister.

Nicole has returned home from Grand Haven, Michigan and is very happy with her two new family members.

“It was funny,” said the 31-year-old, who worked in the insurance industry before becoming a mother. We were happy, but it was really shocking.

“But now I can’t imagine having an only child.” It seems they are destined to be together.

“I like the idea that they are always together.”

Nicole planned to give birth at home only with a midwife, but at 36 weeks the waters ran out and she had to go to Gerber Memorial Hospital in Michigan.

A new mom who became seriously ill in the mornings of her pregnancy chose breathing exercises, yoga balls and cold showers over medication.

During her pregnancy, she didn’t have any tests other than a once-a-day water break because she wanted to “get pregnant naturally.”

However, the mother-to-be opted for an epidural and vacuum more than 45 hours after birth.

Blakeley, weighing 4lbs 4oz, arrived two hours later at 10.06pm on December 30.

“We thought the biggest surprise would be the sex of the baby, but we were wrong.

“It was terrible when they said there was something else in me.”

“When he said we were having another baby, I literally asked him if he was lying,” he continued.

“I couldn’t digest it all because I couldn’t digest it all and I was in a lot of pain.”


Blakely, who weighed 4 pounds 4 ounces, arrived two hours later on December 30 at 10:06 pm.

However, since Nicole’s pain did not subside after giving birth, the doctors became worried.

They had to sew up Nicole’s vagina, but Nicole said she found “something else”.

When they tried to remove the placenta, the doctors found that something was wrong and decided to immediately do an ultrasound.

After 59 minutes, Nicole gave birth to a boy weighing 5 kg.

Cade, who was having trouble breathing, was taken to Spectrum Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Nicole, who stayed with her daughter, said: “For the next three days, my husband was usually with Cade, and she and I stayed to watch.”

“We have not yet recovered from the shock and tried to understand everything.”

“But the most important thing is that they are strong and healthy.”

“The strangest thing is that I took a picture on my birthday, and there was only one child.”

“I think Cade was hiding behind his sister.

After the couple, who met online in 2012, were allowed to return home, they went shopping to get copies of all the baby supplies they had previously bought for just one child.

Doctors later learned that Nicole and Matt had given birth to twins and triplets in their mother’s family.

“It’s good to hear it’s a family story,” he added, adding that his grandmother’s cousins ​​had twins and triplets.

“People think that if we had a baby again, we would be scanned this time.” However, I do not believe that we would have done so.

“If the hospital’s red flag wasn’t obvious, I would do it over and over again.”

“It was a really weird moment,” Matt continued. I couldn’t believe it when my wife was pregnant with two children all this time.

“My wife does a wonderful job for both of them.” I don’t know how he does it every day.”



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