Millions Of People LOVE This Couple’s Performance—In Their Kitchen!


You didn’t think the Holderness family would miss an opportunity to sing about Thanksgiving, did you?!

America’s favorite funny family is back with another hilarious home video that is sure to be a favorite this holiday season. Whether they’re rapping about heading back to schoolor rocking out in an awesome Halloween parody, the Holderness family’s ridiculous videos NEVER disappoint.

This time around they’ve done a hilarious parody of Meghan Trainor’s mega-hit ‘All About That Bass’ just in time for turkey day! ‘All About That Baste’ is a ridiculously funny tune about the whole family getting in on the fun of cooking the traditional Thanksgiving Day turkey.

There’s also an important lesson to be learned in this video… If you want to cook the perfect turkey this holiday season, you need to know the magic truly is in the basting of the bird!

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Kim and Penn Holderness are former television personalities who have shifted their focus from career to family.



This Thanksgiving, their hilarious parody video with their two kids Lola and Penn Jr. tells us not to worry about the pies…


Because the secret to perfecting the traditional Thanksgiving turkey is that it’s ‘ALL ABOUT THAT BASTE’!


(more butter!)


Whether you think this family is hilarious or crazy, one thing is for sure… they know how to do the holidays right!


Because when it comes down to it, Thanksgiving is *truly* about one thing… F-A-M-I-L-Y.



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