Man Makes A Sprinkles-And-Epoxy Cake Stand


Peter Brown saw Wood Knight post a video about making a wooden bowl with a Nerds candy inlay, and came up with a clever idea of his own. He decided to make a colorful cake stand, but to make it unique, he decided to mix together cake sprinkles and resin. He wasn’t sure what he would be getting himself into, but the results are quite interesting. It seems that most people love the finished product, and the only negative feedback he has gotten is from his daughter who said, “Dad, you used ALL the sprinkles?!”

Mixing something edible into something permanent is an interesting endeavor. It is important to use something that won’t rot away, and something very sugary and hard seems like a good option. The sprinkles would last quite a long while on their own, and since they are encased in resin there shouldn’t be any issues in the long run.
The process is fairly simple to follow along with and interesting to watch. I particularly like when he cleans up the edges of it at about 2:20. It almost looks like he has been attacked by a spider!
What do you think of his project? Would you try making something like this or would you be interested in just having one? I love the rainbow colors, but I think it would be interesting to try it with sugar pearls, as they would give it a more elegant look.


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