Man discovers old tombstone deep in the woods – takes a closer look and reads the sweetest message


A few years ago, on what seemed like a routine walk in the woods, photographer Sid Saunders’ breath caught in his throat.

It was while taking a detour from the usual path – one intended to avoid big puddles of rain on the track – that his foot struck something hard.

At first glance, Sid thought he’d simply kicked a wayward stump, but upon closer inspection he realized this was no old tree protruding from the earth.

No … it was a small tombstone, one so covered in moss that it was barely discernible from the forest itself.

Sid Saunders / Facebook

Saunders was captivated. He couldn’t help himself, and so examined the stone further.

He noticed how dirty and mossy it was, so decided that he was going to restore the tombstone to its former glory.



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