Lioness Reunites With Her Pride After Being Separated For Days


As if we needed any more proof, the video you’re about to see reveals just how incredible the Animal Kingdom truly is. When a lioness had been separated from her pride for several days, one lucky visitor at the Kruger National Park in South Africa was there to capture the heartwarming reunion.

At first, the beautiful lioness is laying in the grass, alone and missing her pack. She softly roars, maybe in the hopes her fellow lions will hear her from afar. But then, around the the :55 mark, something incredible happens — she hears the familiar sounds of her pride in the distance. Carefully and with hesitation, the lioness stands on her feet and slowly makes her way down the dirt road. She’s so careful, making sure this is indeed her family, who appear to be mostly adolescent lions. Brothers and sisters, perhaps?

The moment when she finally recognizes the pride and bounds toward them is such a magnificent sight! Together, at last. I can’t imagine how thrilling it must have been to see this unfold in person.

We don’t know how this lioness got separated from her pride, but it’s awesome to see her reunited. Female lions typically lead in the hunt for prey alongside other members of their pride.

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