Heartbroken Guy Was Dumped By His Girlfriend. Now Watch What The Dog Does…OMG!


Get ready for cuteness overload! In the music video for the new Cary Brothers single, “Lovin’ On You,” the bandunleashes 22 puppies, and the result is adorable.

The upbeat song is sure to put you in an amazing mood. The video tells the story of a guy who just got dumped. All he’s left with is his adorable Saint Bernard puppy. It follows the guy’s hilarious misadventures in raising theprecious puppy all by himself.

The duo also shares hundreds of cute moments together, like when he sings, the dog hilariously yawns in the background like he isn’t impressed. Then, after a power nap, the rambunctious dog gets into some funny antics — getting busted for climbing into the kitchen cabinet and getting on daddy’s bed. But, honestly, who could get mad at that cute face?!

Finally, at 2:26, the puppy invites all his pals over for a party. Instantly, his master is put in the brightest mood, as they run around the house creating a puppy stampede! These pups will instantly put a smile on your face. This will be the best three minutes of your day!

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