When He Gets THIS Birthday Gift, He Says It’s The Best Day Of His Life


Finding the perfect gift for someone you love can be tough, but there’s one thing that is almost always a great idea.

No matter how old you are, you’ll always turn into a screaming little kid on your birthday when you’re given an adorable new puppy…especially when you’ve wanted one for a very long time, just like this grandpa has.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a new car and plenty of material items, but nothing compares to a furry new friend and the following sweet video is the perfect proof. Normally, we see guys surprising their girlfriends with a puppy, like this guy did for his very lucky new fiancé. This time around, it’s the girlfriend giving the best gift her man could ever imagine!

Carly Samuelson wrote on YouTube that she promised her boyfriend a boxer puppy when they graduated school a few years back. He forgot, but she never did, so when it came time for his birthday, he had no idea what was coming! Surrounded by family and friends, he heads outside to unwrap his surprise gift from his girlfriend.

As soon as he opens the box and screams that this is the best day of his life, I knew this puppy, who they named Quincy, was in the very best hands!

Nothing says love like giving someone special to love, am I right?!

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