Their Favorite Song Plays On The Radio. Now Watch The Dog’s Reaction


It is for a reason that dogs were declared to be the best friends of man. It is interesting to watch how dogs react when they see their owners sing. Maybe this can be because they want them to shut up their mouths or because they want to be part of the singing spree, but one certain thing is that it is lovely to watch them howl. In the clip below, we see how one human dad was able to film such an occasion by placing a camera in his car.

The clip starts when the owner and the dog are in a car on a sunny day and this daddy turns on the car radio. The music that was being played was “Diamonds” by Rihanna. Caught with the rhythm, Emanuel starts to sing. On seeing that his owner is singing, the dog too never wastes time to take part in the singing. What makes the clip to be interesting is how this French bulldog by the name of Junior is able to sing with such confidence.

It took a very short time for the two karaoke singers to be famous on the social media, receiving a lot of comments and views.



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