Dolphin Spots Woman Dancing in Front of Aquarium. Its Amazing Reaction Quickly Goes Viral


A young woman happens to be having fun by making summer salts at this dolphin center aquarium while watching these beautiful sea creatures swimming around their pond. While entertaining herself, one curious dolphin got closer to her making all change all of a sudden.

The time that this precious dolphin and the young woman get to share together is definitely wonderful. What’s interesting is the adorable and entertaining kind of focus that the dolphin gives this busy young woman jumping around. This kind of reaction that the dolphin offers the young woman is heartwarming, a gesture that made me watch this clip again and again!

This makes me think of trying the same thing the woman was doing the next time I come across a similar facility. I’m not the best dancer around or summer salter, but I hope I may end up getting some moment of fun. Though I’m not sure I will come up with such an adorable clip, it doesn’t matter as long as the dolphins get to hold on for my 20 minutes show of “The Macarena.”



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