Daddy Grabs A Book To Read But It’s Baby’s Snappy Comeback That Has Internet In Laughter


It’s time for bed and Dad knows just how to get his little boy, Jack, to sleep. He snags a good book off the shelf, snuggles his son into his lap and begins to read. Their nightly book time is something Jack looks forward to all day – and even though he’s just a few months old, Dad can sense the importance. But when he sat down this evening, something strange happened. Instead of relaxing like he usually does when Dad reads, Jack couldn’t stop giggling. For some reason, he found the book extremely funny and Dad’s silly voices certainly didn’t help tamp down his son’s giggles!

According to The Washington Post, reading can have more than an educational benefit for your child. Liza Baker, the executive editorial director at Scholastic, told WaPo reading with parents is something that bonds a family together forever, “It’s so important to start reading from Day One… It’s magical, even at eight weeks old they focus momentarily, they’re closer to your heart.” Additionally, reading with Mom and Dad is something adults frequently claim is one of their fondest memories during childhood. While the mental benefits of reading to your children are obvious, the emotional advantages are often overlooked.

Thankfully, this family knows how much Jack loves his reading time with Dad and cherishes the time they spend together. It’s a chance for the father-son pair to unwind and make memories that’ll last a lifetime. So when Jack couldn’t stop giggling, they sat back and laughed with him! Take a peek at their adorable family moment for yourself in the video below. We can only hope his love for reading continues into adulthood – and if this clip is any indication, he certainly will!



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