Dad Takes A Photo Of His Little Girl. But Watch Closely When The Camera Zooms Out…


When I try to take a photo of someone, I am pretty much oblivious to everyone and everything other than the person I am photographing. All of my attention is on making sure the camera is focused properly, the frame is well composed, and the lighting just how I want it. And that’s why photobombers exist… you come out of nowhere to slip into the frame without anyone even realizing until it’s too late.But sometimes photobombing can lead to something awesome. A little girl was out with her family, hanging out with some beautiful, majestic Clydesdale horses. When she started posing for a photo, the horses were just minding their own business in the background,. But out of nowhere, one of the horses decided to give her a very special keepsake! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the photo aptly named “When a horse photobombs you.”


Source: Reddit / metaspoon

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