A cute deaf and blind dog immediately recognizes his grandfather after a year of separation


When Hayden brought Crystal Beets home five years ago, her father Steve was a little worried. She worried about what life would be like for the five-week-old deaf and blind puppy and whether she would be able to walk on her own.

But Steve’s fears were dispelled as soon as he met the energetic and happy dog.

“She was her own woman from day one,” Crystal told The Dodo. “When he brought me home, the first thing he did was rush to the plate of food and feed him until he passed out.”

Bitsy is far from the helpless dog his grandfather imagined. He and his mother traveled all over the country, hiking, canoeing, subwaying, and even ice skating. “Bitsie is the sweetest, sweetest, most loving, most loyal dog in the world,” Crystal said. “He’s bold, bold and adventurous!”

Crystal’s father loves his granddaughter more than she could ever imagine, and they hang out together whenever they get the chance.

“She’s his number one fan and biggest champion,” Krystal said. “He will tell anyone who will listen what a great dog he is and how much he loves him. He does normal things like give Grandpa treats and toys and just enjoys spending time with him.”

After more than a year, Bitsy was finally able to emotionally reconnect with his grandfather.

Even after being apart for so long, Steve was worried that Bitsy wouldn’t miss him. But nothing could be further from the truth. Steve Crystal wrote on Facebook: “As soon as I smelled it, she passed out with joy.” “I did the same.”

“Bitsy has proven once again that her talents far outweigh her shortcomings,” he added. “What a wonderful, wonderful spirit. Perhaps from this video you will understand how much we love each other.”

Crystal knew from the very beginning that a loyal dog would never forget the one he cared about so much. And when the family was reunited, the world became a little brighter for everyone.



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