Your Christmas Lights Might Be To Blame For Your Bad Wi-Fi Signal


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Have you already decked your halls for this holiday season? Stringing lights like the holiday enthused person you are? Well, you might want to take it down a notch, especially if don’t want to have to ask for a stronger Wi-Fi connection this Christmas.

According to United Kingdom communications regulator Ofcom, the Christmas lights you hang on your tree, wrap around your banister, and string from the rain gutter can be the ultimate demise to your strong Wi-Fi signal.

Speaking with The Daily Dot, Lucy Aldington, Communications Director for Ofcom said that those lights can cause some serious interruptions.

“They can affect your Wi-Fi because they cause electrical interference. This means they are all sending electrical signals at the same time, causing an electromagnetic disturbance or interference,” said Lucy Aldington, Communications Director for OFCOM.

The discovery came from a recent report on Internet speeds in the U.K. The Daily Dot also states that other devices could also lead to some connectivity issues. “The findings showed that wireless devices such as baby monitors and phones may be using one of the channels also occupied by the Wi-Fi router, leading to slower speeds and connection issues.”

However, fret not, because Ofcom created Wi-Fi checker app for iOS and Android users to see how strong their connection is.

There are plenty of other ways to help improve your Wi-Fi connection if you are adamant about keeping those lights up, because we understand the struggle. But if worse comes to worse, maybe you don’t need 18 sets of lights.

Learn more about the report (and how to boost your WiFi) below:



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