Children At Playground Stand At Attention When ‘Retreat’ Plays


When Danielle looked out the back door from her house, she smiled as she saw her beautiful children playing with their little friends.

While the kids may look like “normal” children playing at their local playground, something very interesting happens right at :04. Because these five children are all marine kids, they’ve been taught to respect their country and their flag.

While some grown adults don’t even care about America, these five instantly jump up to attention when they hear the opening notes to “Retreat.” Every night in nearly all military posts around the world, “Retreat” is played just prior to the colors coming down.

If able, everyone within earshot is expected to stop what they’re doing and stand at attention facing the garrison’s flag. These children, while not yet Marines, obviously have family in the armed forces.

They’ve been taught the importance of respecting this tradition, and with that knowledge they’ll certainly go far in life.

The little girl in yellow seems to be the leader of the group, making sure that all her adorable little friends keep up with this hallowed tradition.

Thank goodness mom was there to film this special moment, no doubt this brought a huge smile on her face when she saw her babies doing exactly what is expected of them to do: respecting America and the flag!

We love how they go right back to playing when the song is over! What an adorable video that everyone in America should watch!

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