Cat is Watching Horror Movie on TV. Her Reaction When The Scary Part Comes On Has Everyone in Stitches


Do you ever get down watching a movie, and then realize that your good pet has decided to join you in the fun? This video will leave your ribs aching!

Cats have been known to be some very curious creatures. A Cat will want to look into and around every corner in the house and always be on toes to notice any new developments around the house. So what happens when the creature finds a movie playing?

So here we’ve this cute little being, a kitty, and then we’ve a movie playing on the screen. Now, this cat is obviously interested in what’s really going on in the movie, and he’s determined to derive full enjoyment in watching it all. But the movie happens to be a scary one!

The cat’s reactions intensify as the movie gets scarier and scarier. But he just won’t turn away. The little one is so determined to watch the full movie that all he can do is make faces to dispel the fears from the scary scenes. Now wait for the end. Look at his eyes. This is just hilarious!



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