Baby and Husky Play Together


We just can’t help ourselves. We love all the videos of adorable babies and sweet pups playing and cuddling together. This one definitely had me a little nervous given the age of the child and the size of the dog, but watching them play together melted all my worries. They both seem completely comfortable with each other and familiar with acceptable ways to interact. And, it’s clear they love each other and will be dear friends.

Both parenting and dog training sites agree, there is no hard and fast rule about keeping dogs and children separated. This does not mean, however, that they do not need a lot of guidance in getting to know each other.

Children, who can show interest in petting animals at as young as 6 months, must be taught how to treat animals with respect. This includes knowing how to touch, and when. Children who have a pet at home must also be taught how to approach strange animals who may not be as friendly.

On the other hand, dogs must be reassured of their safety. By making sure that your dog has a known safe place to retreat to when necessary, you ensure that he does not feel the need to defend himself in other ways. Ideally, a dog will have received a lot of supervised socialization with children prior to the arrival of a new baby. They should also know that “play biting” is never okay- even with adults.

Never force an unwanted interaction between a child and dog, and never leave them unattended. Accidents can happen even between the most gentle of playmates.

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