Amazing Uses Of Toothpaste That You Do not Know Before


We all use toothpaste for cleaning and whitening our teeth. But have you imagined this gel in the tube can be used for many other purposes as well. Read the following uses of toothpaste that you have never imagined will definitely make your life easier.


Headlights Cover Cleaner


The cover of headlights gets dirty and scratchy over period of time, reducing the brightness of headlights and also look of cars. To clean first wash it with soap and water and then buff it with toothpaste and cloth.

Disk Scratch Remover


Toothpaste can be used to clean small scratches on disk and can make it more responsive and faster. Also, this will clean only small shallow scratches which are usually greater in number and not deep scratches. Take a little amount of toothpaste and place on the disk and rub it with cotton cloth. The scratches will fade away.

Mobile Screen Scratch Remover

Mobile phones with no protective cover can become scratch over time. Toothpaste can clean scratches on such screens and hand- gaming consoles. Just take a little amount and rub it on the screen and swipe it with another cloth.

Drink Bottle Cleaner


Plastic bottles and thermoses that are used over and over again become yellowish and begin to have foul smell in them. Just take toothpaste on the washing brush and clean the bottle with it. You will see that it will clean better than detergent and water.
Glass Cleaner
Glass doors and windows easily get dirty. To make glass crystal clear take toothpaste as required and rub it on the glass. Let the toothpaste sit for a while and then rinse it off.

Stain Remover

Toothpaste can be used to remove most difficult stains from your clothes. Ketchup, juice and many other tough stains can be removed by it. Just apply toothpaste, rub the cloth and then wash it in washing machine.The stain will go away. Be careful not to use toothpaste on new colored clothes as it will may dull the color little bit.
Jewellery Sparkler
There are very few cleaner that give shine to jewellery as the toothpaste does. To clean jewellery take a little toothpaste on a tooth brush and scrub it on jewellery surface and then wash with water and rinse with a cloth.

Nail Hole Filler

To fill small holes due to nails which look nasty, take a little amount of toothpaste on finger and apply it over wall hole.

Footwear Cleaner

Foot wears made from rubber, plastic and fabric such as joggers get easily dirty and begin to have tough dark marks which do not go by detergents easily. To remove them easily apply toothpaste and then rub it thoroughly with a cloth or brush. Then, swipe it with a cloth dipped in water.

Iron Cleaner

When iron base plate looks dirty due to mineral build up , you can easily clean it with toothpaste and a cloth. Before doing it make sure the base plate is cool and iron is plugged off. Apply some toothpaste and clean it with cloth. The stains will vanish away.

Sink Shiner

We usually drop some amount of fresh tooth paste in our sink, but rather to wash it away you can use a cloth to clean it and make the sink shine.

Silver Shiner

Tooth paste can be used as silver shiner, whether it’s spoons, forks, knifes, candle holder or other silver ornaments. Simply apply toothpaste and rub it with cotton cloth to make it shine.

Hand Freshner

Soap isn’t much that effective when you want to remove the smell of fish, meat, onions or other stinky food from your skin. Toothpaste works well in this condition, just apply toothpaste and then rub both hand wash hands with water. If your hands feel dry apply lotion or moisturizing cream afterwards.

Pimple Remover

     Pimples can also be cleaned by tooth paste. Just apply it on the pimple and go to sleep. Wake up and the pimple will be most probably dried up.


Cleaning Nails


Have your nails become stained by some paints or you want to clear nail polish. Just apply tooth and rub both hands to clean it.


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