Amateur Group Coda Sings ‘Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her’


Coda is a group of 7 men brought together by the love of music. Based out of Westport, Mayo, Ireland, they compose beautiful 7-part harmonies of Celtic and North American folk songs. In this beautifully performed rendition of “Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her,” their voices blend so richly that it’s hard to believe that they are just gathered in a living room and not a concert hall.

Although the description in this 2011 video describes Coda as an a capella group, they have since begun to incorporate their rich instrumental backgrounds into their music. They currently perform in a variety of venues around Westport, but luckily for anyone who can’t make a quick trip to Ireland, they have also released a CD of some of their best songs. You can find links to purchase or listen to more of their music via their website,



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