20 Women Give Amazing Synchronized Roller Skating Performance


The competitive world of precision roller skating is one filled with hundreds of hours of hard practice, intense arguments, injuries, laughter, tears, failure, and triumph. Going up against teams of similarly passionate people from all over the world, these brilliant women have poured their hearts and souls into this single 2:00 minute performance.

All the way from Estonia, the “Rullest Precision Roller Skating Team,” is a group of 20 women who have the utmost trust in their teammates. Over months and months of rehearsal, these women have practiced tricks that are downright dangerous at times. At the :30 second mark when they blindly skate backwards and thread between each other, the audience must have been so scared of a collision!

Thankfully, these professionals knew exactly what they were doing, and by the 2:10 mark you’ll be cheering with the crowd as well! This fantastic group of roller skaters are doing tricks that I would have trouble pulling off while standing on my own two feet. Our favorite move is when they start spinning around in a big circle. The precision, dedication, and practice it took to get to this level is truly impressive!

Have you ever seen such a talented group of performers before in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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