16 Reasons Why We Should Always Have A Bottle Of Hydrogen Peroxide At Home.


Hydrogen peroxide is known to be the safest natural disinfectant we can come across and not many people know that it’s made of water and oxygen. Aside from acting as a sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide is also a great bleach alternative and a great oxidizer.

Although many of us know of all of hydrogen peroxide’s beneficial properties, it’s not a common household product in a lot of our homes. If we start to use this solution around the house, it’s not only a great way to save money (because you don’t have to buy as much laundry detergent, or even mouthwash), but it’s also a great way to ensure that you’re using natural products to mend wounds and scratches on your children.

Something to keep in mind while using hydrogen peroxide is that it is not to be brought to a boiling point, because then it can explode. Normally, it’s instructed that the solution be used as is, without many modifications like heating or reducing to a specific temperature.

The video below mentions 10 reasons why you should always have hydrogen peroxide available, or on hand, in your home. And some of the reasons that are also important to consider, but not in the video are listed below:

make a marinade for fish, meat and poultry
clean contact lenses
clean the toilet
make tile grout whiter
get rid of mold
remove whine stains
Do you know of other uses of hydrogen peroxide? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

In the mean time, watch the video below on an additional list of why you should keep hydrogen peroxide handy at home at all times. If you found this post useful, then don’t forget to like and share it with fanily and friends!



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